White Paper Details

Look behind the curtain to discover how to leverage the power of AI. You will learn:
  • The 3 golden rules for interacting with AI toolsets

  • 5 ways to structure your approach to AI to minimize negative disruption and encourage adoption.  

  • How to find the balance between boosting productivity through AI and maintaining the 'human touch' when it comes to client relationships. 


Embrace the Potential of AI

AI's reach and impact are quickly becoming ubiquitous in business operations across the globe, this white paper promises to share insight into developing a strategy that incorporates:
  1. How to leverage the potential of AI; boost productivity, realign operations and evolve corporate culture.

  2. How to protect your business from the impacts of AI; mitigate disruption, nurture relationships and be proactive.
Discover how to stay ahead in today's ever evolving technical landscape.

Meet The Author

AJ Harris

VP Digital Strategy & Delivery at Stratford Group

A senior technology executive with three decades of accomplishments in digital strategy development and large-scale solution delivery, AJ has distilled his extensive experience into best practices and leadership insights that have won awards at a national level.

As a senior enterprise and technology architect, AJ has designed numerous large-scale IT solutions for public and private sector clients and  successfully delivered enterprise-class, transformative IT solutions with award winning efficiency.

AJ specializes in designing and applying Digital Strategies for visionary companies, ensuring successful implementation of large-scale IT programs.



Why You Should Read

Reason #1

You will learn how to mitigate the risk and disruptive potential of AI


Reason #2

You will learn how to incorporate AI into your core business while being mindful of it's impacts to IP and competitive distinctiveness


Reason #3

You will learn how to recognize the strengths and limitations of AI


Reason #4

You will learn how to methodically introduce AI into your organization and business strategy