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Discover how productive conflict can fuel your team's success. You will learn:
  • How to recognize the kinds of conflict that likely exist on your teams right now

  • How explicitly defining the value of the team can eliminate unnecessary conflict and create better opportunities to succeed together

  • Tips and tricks that will allow productive conflict to become more commonplace in your team


Make an Impact on Your Team's Success!

While teams today face many hurdles, their ultimate success often hinges on two core and complementary components:
  1. What the team must deliver for the organization; the clearly described value the team provides to the organization.

  2. How the team must interplay; the “rules of engagement” between people and functions.
Discover how to make teams even more productive by working better together and unlocking the power of productive conflict.

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Leadership development professionals committed to helping teams work better together so they can impact their organization's growth and effectiveness.


Why You Should Watch

Reason #1

You will learn how defining the unique value of your team will make your team even more effective.


Reason #2

You will learn why tensions exist between roles in your team – and why that’s a good thing!


Reason #3

You will learn how to make productive conflict commonplace in your team.


Reason #4

You will learn from internationally recognized organizational psychology expert, author, team advisor, and facilitator Dr. Liane Davey.